About Mould Inspection & Removal Services

Mould Busters provide professional mould treatment and prevention services that are reliable and affordable.

Mould Busters are Mould analysis and remediation (removal) experts. We work with commercial and private home owners to identify the cause of mould such that any cleaning and redecoration can be undertaken knowing the problem has been fully determined and eradicated. This approach is vital in resolving the issue and involves property occupants to assist the program.

Mould treatment and prevention should be performed by professionals. A mould remediator identifies the underlying cause of the mould, whether black mould or any other species, eliminates the mould and disposes of any affected materials correctly.
All of our products and service methods are monitored to ensure minimum environmental impact.

Once the source is determined and dealt with, an efficient mould removal task can then be undertaken and includes the effective ‘killing’ of mould spores and fruiting bodies prior to redecorating.


mould in apartments