Infrared Inspection

Heat energy is transferred from homes by conduction through the walls, floor, roof and windows. It is also transferred from homes by convection. For example, cold air can enter the house through gaps in doors and windows, and convection currents can transfer heat energy in the loft to the roof tiles. Heat energy also leaves the house by radiation through the walls, roof and windows.

Many homes have significant thermal inefficiencies which can be easily and cost-effectively improved. By scanning buildings with infrared imaging camera equipment, Mould Busters can capture heat loss in the form of a picture called a ‘Thermal Image’. From within these images, we can acquire and evaluate thermal information that can be used to identify where energy cost savings can be made. Aside from this, services such as Smart Meters for Business can also be used to save on energy bills.

The purpose of Infrared Imaging for Mold Detection is to confirm or deny the presence of mould by detecting temperature changes behind walls. It is a great tool to identify moisture problems and other construction issues in a non-invasive way, without knocking down walls or creating costly damage to property.

Conductive heat losses are most often due to missing, damaged or water-saturated insulation within the walls or roof which will affect how well your property is insulated and how well it retains the heat within the ‘building envelope’.

Mould Busters use the most efficient equipment such as   Flir, Fluke, Testo thermal imaging cameras to locate potential mould growth by identifying areas with moisture problems. An infrared camera pinpoints the exact location of the temperature differences and thus reveals faulty construction and water intrusion.

To save € 000’s on your heating bills. 

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