Solar air Heating and Ventilation is the most efficient way to eliminate mould, dust mites

If you want to stop condensation, reduce moisture levels and prevent mould—humidity control is essential.

A Solar Ventilation Solution from Damp Busters will ventilate house the house whenever the sun shines and reduces the risk of mould and mildew—keeping the house fresh and free of musty smells—without any running cost.

Natural  Solar Ventilation assists you in humidity control and provides asthma relieve  as well as reduced risk for developing allergies and other respiratory problems by reducing dust mites and mould growth

Any asthma sufferer or member of a family with asthma symptoms will know that the best way to address asthma triggered by dust mites, mould or mildew is to ventilate the area and/or heat it

Interested in protecting your home from damp and mould? Damp Busters solar ventilation solution will be an answer.

You can buy and affordable solar air heating system and forget about your mould problems. The system is design to do the following:

  • Mould prevention
  • Mildew prevention
  • Reduced condensation on windows
  • Reduced dampness
  • Reduced mustiness
  • Moisture control
  • Remove moisture
  • Acts a dehumidifier