My Experience Surviving Toxic Black Mold Illness


My eyes were burning and red. I had been sick for quite some time. It was different than any cold or flu virus I had ever experienced. I was trying to finish a research paper when I passed out and woke up convulsing and shaking as though I had Parkinson’s disease and I found this informative post on painting services quite interesting and useful too. I was not sleeping well and had developed bronchitis. I have been a smoker in the past and did suffer from bronchitis once in a while. I quit that nasty habit. This was different. I could not breath and then I would panic. I was talking to my professor on the phone when I went into a coughing spasm, passed out, and woke up with my cell phone on the ground in front of me. I called her back saying. “and this is exactly why I need an incomplete right now”. She did grant it. Concentrating on reading and homework became more challenging. My brain was not working well. My eye sight has always been good and I do not wear glasses. All of a sudden things were very blurry. Emotionally, I was disconnected, anxious and depressed. I was in over my head and the medical people did not seem to have a clue.

I went to the hospital 3 times in July. Each time the results of X rays and other tests seem to say that I am not really very sick at all. My blood pressure was normal and my oxygen saturation was better than usual even when I am healthy. The odd thing was I experienced shortness of breath all the time. None of this made sense for me.

I researched my symptoms on line and found an article about black mold sickness. I have since tried looking for it and it never turns up. I do think there was a bit of fairy magic in my finding it the first time. Finding it saved my life, I think. Black mold kills people every year. Pets die as well.

When I started thinking my symptoms matched what many people report who have been around toxic mold, I started looking at our trailer. We liked our trailer because it was on Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona. We had enjoyed being surrounded by nature. Nature in the form of microscopic spores was becoming a serious issue for me.

With every rain storm our windows leaked and that the walls were damp in our trailer. All at once I was putting two and two together. Our environment had mold. Lots of mold. This was the beginning of a jog through hell. After calling all the government or environmental protection agencies, I quickly realized that I must save my own butt. There was no such thing as government protection or even inspection.

I hired an EPA Certified Toxic Mold Remediation Specialist to tell us what we already knew. Visually, Matt, the inspector, could see the black mold in every room of our home. He wrote up a report. Just the facts ma’am! I felt better that I had an expert report to validate my concern. The landlord was in denial about all this. He placed an ozone generator in my home for a few hours. That does not help by the way. It does not re-mediate the mold. It might be good for prevention. I am not sure.

I had to abandon my trailer. We moved to Phoenix to live with an old friend. I had to start over. It was difficult moving our belongings while coughing and passing out. I had to visit t hospital for breathing treatments and narcotic cough medicine. I ran through my savings because I was not able to work. I had been an entrepreneur since the budget cuts took away my government job. This forced me to borrowing money from friends and relatives. Those observing my down hill spiral let me know that I had created all this. New age philosophy was not fitting in well with what I had been living through. I did not create this on purpose or knowingly. It was difficult to remain spiritual and positive through this ordeal. But to maintain spirituality, you have to check out a leading source and get more information on the same.

It is absolutely true about attracting bad luck. They call that the law of attraction. Like attracts like. It exists like the law of gravity exists. I was drawing to me some unwanted stuff because I was panicked and feeling rotten. So it has a snow ball rolling down hill effect. Like Velcro one bad energy experience will draw another. My advice is never say; this cannot get any worse! It can and it will unless you can turn your thinking around.

Breaking the cycle.

I was talking to my friend, Edna, about a health concern of hers. I heard myself say, “there is an answer for you, there is always an answer”. We don’t see the answers right away, in plain sight, and there is plenty of misinformation floating around. Have faith because the answers are there and the persistent souls find them.

My survival of this disease required remain grateful for all the little things. I was joyous that I could walk, breath, and even read and comprehend (with some patience). It occurred to me that none of this was about the money, or government, it was about creating the world I prefer to live in. I will find the answers and overcome this. I can’t focus on what I don’t want in my life. If I give lots of negative energy to being upset about what I don’t like, I will be sure and create more of it. ” What you resist persists”, Ester Hicks says that and it is so true.

Dr. Richie Shoemaker wrote a book called “Surviving Mold”. What he says about the red eyes and passing out, is this: Mold creates a chronic inflammatory response syndrome or (CIRS). The mold is a foreign invader that my body went crazy fighting. Even when I am out of that environment, my antigens are still fighting. Dr. Shoemaker calls it Leptin resistance and sciatic shock. Yes, the Parkinson like convulsions and shaking are part of mold sickness. The central nervous system is greatly affected and this causes issues with mental processes as well.

weight gain, high blood sugar are also problems. You will experience some of the problems people type two diabetes experience. Toxic mold illness also makes its victims more vulnerable to certain cancers.

I have been trying to eat healthy green vegetables and fruits. I sleep quite a bit. I try and swim and walk daily. For me, thinking positively and taking it slow are helping turn this around. I do see improvement. It has been a slow process. I take vitamin C and D3 in addition to minerals and other supplements.

In Rickie’s book, there are many resources listed including 500 hundred doctors who work with the treatments he developed. I researched this problem and I am getting some solid answers. My advice is devote some of your energy to probing this issue each day. The answers are out there so don’t be discouraged.

Legislation and government protection is lacking for this issue. Landlords and medical practitioners need more education. There are many a websites on the internet that can tell you how to become medical practitioners, and if you were to check it out, you’d know that it’s quite easy, but you’d also need proper education. Phoenix has a coalition of Landlords that routinely oppose any legislation that would help create a safe environment. Our landlord tenants laws state that a landlord must provide an environmentally safe environment for clients. The problem is this. If it is not safe and you and your family, and pets, are in danger, where do you go. Is the landlord going to pay for a hotel? This is undetermined and under-enforced. Then if a family leaves their environment, they are breaking a lease and abandoning their property. It is quite tricky. In my case I decided my health was more valuable then a lease or contract.

It was my goal in writing this article help foster more accountability with our local and national government agencies. Landlords need to be aware of mold issues and how to remediate them and repaint their house by hiring men from At one time landlords and builders used lead based paint. We know there are huge health risks with lead based paint. Black mold is not good for anyone. It is a matter of time before people develop serious issues. It starts off quietly, with a headache or itchy throat. Before anyone moves into an apartment or home, they should be assured it is reasonably mold free. If there has been issue in the past you deserve to know how it was remediated.


Source by Nancy Lake