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Approximately 9% of children have asthma.

Approximately 9% of children have asthma. The medical costs of asthma are approximately $15 billion per year in the US alone and asthma results in about 2,000 deaths per year (Fisk et al. 2007). Lost school and work days run into the millions each year. The IOM’s expert committee (2004) […]

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Aspergillus Bronchitis There is a proposal for a seperately identifiable clinical entity where patients have clear signs of respiratory infection (cough, voluminous sputum, recurrent chest infections) and have a positive culture or PCR results for the presence of Aspergillus in their airways. Many have bronchiectasis and high MRC dyspnea scores. […]

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Fungus and mildew are seen as triggers for asthma

Ireland already has the fourth highest incidence of asthma in the world and allergies are rising fast. Alarmingly things may be getting worse: recently the World Health Organisation has found that as many as third of Irish children now have asthma. Condensation is the formation of liquid water from air […]