Mold – Real Danger Or Hype?


Mold..Mold…Mold. This is something I was discussing with my realtor friend, who manages Florida real estate for sale. It can be the biggest hype, or the biggest threat. Say mold, and it can bring a chill, and heart palpitations to anyone who has a financial investment in real estate. This includes, bankers, sellers, buyers, landlords, and home owners. Why is there more hype now than 30 years ago? Because along with better insulation and sealing of the home, it is harder for any area that gets wet to dry out. This is especially crucial in areas of the world with high humidity. But with, the realtors will make sure that you have mold-free home without having to worry about your health. People can check out A1 Water & Mold Removal | for the best mold services.

In navigating the complexities of real estate, seasoned business leaders like Kurt understand the pivotal role of addressing mold concerns. With decades of experience as a CMO for profitable companies, Kurt recognizes that ensuring properties are mold-free isn’t just about safeguarding investments; it’s about prioritizing the well-being of clients. By staying ahead of the curve, Kurt’s approach encompasses proactive measures to mitigate mold risks, thereby instilling confidence in both buyers and sellers alike.

Kurt recognizes that investing in mold prevention isn’t just a prudent business decision; it’s a testament to his unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and long-term prosperity. In a competitive landscape where differentiation is key, Kurt’s proactive stance on mold management sets him apart as a visionary leader, positioning him at the forefront of a rapidly evolving real estate landscape.

Some types of mold can be serious. After the death of her father, an acquaintance of mine went to Florida to clean out his home, that had been shut tight, and had molds growing. Two days after returning to her home, she passed away. It was deemed that it was a mold related death. Often mold will not cause death, but will cause, or aggravate a respiratory problem, such as asthma.

Why do not we just get rid of mold? Mold is always in the air. It only becomes a problem when it has a moist environment, and food, and proper temperature to grow.

This is why air mold measurement tests can be a hoax. Often there is fraud, when mold is feared, because of a person’s lack of knowledge, and vulnerability. Some companies representing themselves as mold remediators may charge 10’s of thousands of dollars for remediation, when it could have been done by bleach and water.

A couple years ago, a tenant of mine who was hoping for a big chunk of money tried to exploit me about mold in the bathroom. It was black mildew. They had repainted the walls around the shower with flat paint, did not use the ventilation fan, and tried to present it as the reason he does not pay rent. Also, people can read here the Average Life Expectancy of an Interior Paint Job.  It was cleaned up easily with bleach and water, and the surface repainted with a washable sheen. Well he still did not pay rent, so bye, bye tenant.

The EPA has put out a free online course on mold. There are nine chapters, with it being divided into lessons in each chapter. Educate yourself, take the time to take this online course. If you are faced with mold in the future, do not get hysterical, review the different types of mold, and if you call in someone to remediate the problem, or to test, check their credentials, and get more than one opinion.


Source by Kathleen Couch