Damp & Condensation Control


We offer very efficient solar air heating and ventilation solution which can be used anywhere – permanent residence, cottage, garage industrial units, log cabins, garden shed, etc. Our unique panels will eliminate dampness and mould growth.

Heating and ventilation

The solar ventilation unit optimizes the design of the collector to make sure the maximum heat and energy are absorbed into the collector, meanwhile, the maximum electricity is generated by the photovoltaic panel. According to customers feedbacks it is much efficient than you can imagine, here are the findings.

Even on cold winter days, the panel may blow air into the dwelling, which is 25 – 30 degrees warmer than the outside air temperature. The panels are all thermostatically controlled so that the fan turns off when a certain temperature is reached. That will ensure that you will feel cozy while staying indoors and playing games like the ones listed here at bcfun ???.

Lower energy bills

Solar Ventilation System starts saving you money the moment you install it, as it will literally pay for itself in less than one year! No matter you use the panel as a supplement for your home or use it solely for your trailer, garage or workshop, Our solar heating panel will eliminate your utility bill since you are reducing or even no longer using expensive heating fuels such as electricity, propane, natural gas or oil heat.

A Guaranteed Return on Investment & the Environment Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource. Damp Busters Solar ventilation system reduces the amount of air pollution resulted from fossil fuel heating. This will also increase the future value and resale of your property.

Size: 100x72x6.6 cm
Weight: 14kg
Footprint absorber: 0.50 m 2
Space coverage: 120 m³
Photovoltaic Performance: 9 Watt
Fan: up to 90 m³ / h

Stop mould and damp NOW! Improve air quality

How it works

Buy the solar air heating and ventilation panel in Ireland NOW and forget about mould and damp problems