Water damage remediation

Water damage, flooding, damp walls, damp masonry, damp screed, damp floor structure, damp premises, musty smell in the living area – We are there when you need us.

For all water and moisture damage, timely action is required to prevent further damage – consequential damage – hidden consequential damage. It may be tough to sell homes like this but there are still companies like firecashbuyers that would avail it. So if you have a home that has endured a water damage, they’ll buy it.

If moisture damage is not recognized or not properly remedied, there is a risk of hidden mold infestation with serious health and constructional damage. In addition to fungi, bacteria can also grow on moist materials. Viruses can also cause damage to health or often cause massive odor nuisance.

It is advisable, even with minor water damage, to have the floor areas technically measured in order to be able to exclude as far as possible any visible damage or resulting damage to the building. Because of the consequences only after months or years after the water damage occurs (eg mold infestation – real dry rot – salinization of the masonry), these costs are many times higher and are rejected by the insurance after the regulation as consequential damage. For accurate measurements and effective mitigation, consider consulting professionals such as Water Damage Restoration Manalapan. Their expertise can help identify and address potential issues, preventing more significant and costly damage in the long run.

Immediate measures after water damage:

  • In the event of mains water damage, shut off all main water valves
  • Switch off all electrical supplies as quickly as possible and protect against unintentional reconnection (fuses at the power distribution)
  • Switch off any existing emergency power supply
  • Pump off water
  • Remove residual water (suction, wiping, etc.)
  • Remove wet or damp furniture (furniture, curtains, floor coverings, etc.)
  • Open existing cable ducts and introduce warm air for drying
  • Contact Mould Busters as soon as possible to keep the damage as low as possible

Mould Busters Ireland can provide affordable home water damage remediation or water damage restoration work to eliminate dampness and mould infection in the flood-affected properties across Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, Galway, and Kildare areas. For professional water damage restoration services, you can visit this site.

To check for toxic mould infestation visit www.mouldcheck.ieĀ