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Mould Contamination Assessment – Our first step is to always assess the mould, damp, dry rot or any biological damage and use our specialised instruments and monitors to map out the extent of the damage. We aim to identify the root cause of the mould or damp problem and recommend the best way to address it so that the mould issue is not a reoccurring one.  Where required we can also organise mould testing in a mythological specialist laboratory.

Define Scope Of Works- We carefully plan how to remove the mould, clean, disinfect and repair the affected surfaces and materials, as well as how to stop the root cause.

Kill and Remove Mould Contamination and Mould Odour – We commence the removal of mould using the most appropriate method in line with the type of mould identified, the type of surfaces contaminated, the degree of mould contamination spread and the amount of time it has been present.

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