Articles about mould busters in Ireland.Valuable information on how to treat mould and fungus, black mould and mildew.

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a relatively new field of science, engineering and technology which is conducted at the nanoscale. Or in other words, this is the science of tiny things. These tiny things enable us to do everything virtual and digital, possible. If you were to View More on how online businesses […]

Nano Coatings

What is Nano Coating ? Nano coating or nano sealing is the result of an application where nano structures build a consistent network of molecules on a surface. This also results to the change in property of the surface without changing the look of the surface and making the surface […]

The dangers of DIY mould removal with Bleach.

The dangers of DIY mould removal Through professional mold inspections, you will have a clear picture of how severe the mold growth in your home is. If you have a small area of mould (under one square metre) and the mould is growing on easy-to-clean surfaces like glass, metal, tiles, […]