Nano Coatings

What is Nano Coating ?

Nano coating or nano sealing is the result of an application where nano structures build a consistent network of molecules on a surface. This also results to the change in property of the surface without changing the look of the surface and making the surface easy to clean & hydrophobic. Nano coating consists of nano particles which ranges in size from 100 nm  (0.1mm) to about 1 nm  (0.001 mm) . They are typically the size of small molecules, and far too small to see with a microscope. Due to its very small size it has the ability to carry out exceptional performance then any conventional coating available in the market.

Why Nano Coating ?

  • Invisible, breathable and bonds strongly to the substrate.
  • Does not change the look of the substrate.
  • Seals & Encapsulates the substrate completely and makes the surface hydrophobic or hydrophilic (liquid and dust repellent) in nature. The surface also becomes weather proof.
  • Prolongs the life of the product / substrate by many years without deteriorating or ageing further. The functionality of the coated surface can last for 5-15 years
  • Makes the substrate easy to clean, anti-corrosive and resistant to water, dirt, oil, UV, fungus, bacteria, yeast, mould salt, chemicals for many years.
  • The frequent maintenance and cleaning is now eliminated, saving time, money and effort.
  • Protects your assets from all accidental damages, weather and other contaminants. It would keep looking fresh and new for several years.
Formulated by nature

Buy eco nano coatings in Ireland to save money and reduce waste and pollution. Nano protection can be used for building, transport and textile