Mould Inspection

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How to Identify Black Mold

Black Mold also known as Stachybotrys chartarum, is a greenish black mold that thrives in moist conditions. Home] with water damage, high humidly, flooding, and pipe leaks in the present or past are at the highest risk for developing Black Mold. Black Mold is neither rare nor toxic, but can […]

Spore trap sampling

Spore trap sampling involves collecting airborne particles on a filter membrane or adhesive-coated slide by drawing air through or over the collection medium, respectively.  The collection medium is then analyzed by transmitted light microscopy, typically at 600–1000 × magnification.  A number of different collection devices may be used for spore […]

Direct microscopic examination of tape

Direct microscopy is considered the “gold standard” in environmental mycology for determining the existence of fungal growth on surfaces or materials. The direct observation of fungal spores, spore-bearing structures and mycelium provides an unequivocal marker of past or current growth. Direct microscopic examination of tape or bulk samples should first […]

Mould Assessment

Why have a mould or damp survey? If you see mould or damp in your house or property there may be another problem elsewhere in your home. The solution is not always an obvious one and mould is often a symptom of a wider problem. A Damp Detective survey can […]